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Kai Eckert

Kai Eckert Kai Eckert is professor at Stuttgart Media University where he leads the WISS Research Group. Kai Eckert is a computer and information scientist with a PhD from the University of Mannheim and master degrees from the University of Mannheim (Computer Science, Business Informatics) and the Humboldt-University of Berlin (MA LIS). He is an internationally known expert for Linked Data in libraries and cultural heritage institutions. His goal is the access to digital cultural assets and the scholarly knowledge via the web of data in order to create new applications that drive the research in the digital humanities. For contact, see here.

Dov Winer

Dov Winer Dov Winer is a psychologist (Hebrew University) who specialized in Online Education and Training (University of London). He was involved in the early introduction of the Internet in Israel having established the Israel Internet Society and promoted a W3C office there. He coordinates the Israel MINERVA forum for technology applications in culture whose membership includes the relevant cultural heritage institutions of the country; he co-chairs the annual Jerusalem EVA/Minerva International Conference for the Digitisation of Culture. As an in-house consultant of the European Association of Jewish Culture (UK) he is the Scientific Manager of Judaica Europeana.

Maral Dadvar

Maral Dadvar Maral Dadvar is a postdoctoral researcher at WISS Research Group, Stuttgart Media University. Dr. Dadvar is an expert in natural language processing with a PhD in Human Media Interaction from University of Twente (Netherlands). She obtained her MSc degree from University of Sheffield (UK) in Artificial Intelligence. Her prior research focused on misbehaviour detection in social networks. She is currently working in FID Judaica project and she is based in University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg in Frankfurt. She has recently joined the Judaicalink team to contributes in creating a knowledge base for Jewish literature, culture and studies which will be also used later on in FID project to enrich the library datasets. For contact, see here.

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